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Welcome to RCC
of Jacksonville, FL

A lot to see and do...
and enjoy... and learn...

From Computers to Electronic Lights...
Pool Cues to Stage Comedy to Brain Teasers...

There is something here for just about everyone to enjoy!

Colored links at the top or left of this page are active. Thank you for checking out our site.


"Where people sing, it's safe to settle and
belong; for evil people have no song."
Contributed by Ms Petra


New Division of RCC:
Design Studio
Cues | Accessories | Lessons
Additional cues listed for sale on a regular basis.

"This is their journey." "You can walk beside them,
but you cannot control their journey for them."
Matthews' Mom  


Stand-up Comedy

Videos available at no set price.
Donations accepted to offset costs.
Don't be afraid to ask.

Phone: 904.781.4289

Contact us


Items for sale from Mom & Dad's Estate



When God Calls His Angels Home...

Michael Ray "Tater" Autry
1/9/63 ~ 1/28/13

... There Is A Celebration In Heaven!

Tater went home to be with his Heavenly family.
He was my best friend and I will miss him!

Dear God in Heaven: Thank you for the time You shared with us
by allowing Tater to brighten our lives. We shouldn't question,
but I will sure miss him. Hold him in your arms.
In Jesus Name, Amen


RCC of Jacksonville, Florida
(904) 781-4289


When you take your eyes off the horizon you can
suddenly see all the obstacles in your path!
From Tad


History of Titans vs jags
Tennessee Titans: 33 Wins with 1165 points scored
jags only have 20 wins and 1009 points
Pure Dominance!
Oh well...

* * *