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Prices on this site are ALWAYS less than my same items over there because they charge all those fees. Your price is less when you buy from us here. You are still welcome to use PayPal for your buyers protection.

We have been enjoying the Pool & Billiard Business since the late 1980s and are very serious about keeping our Excellent Reputation. Shop with confidence! Don't be afraid to ask a question. And remember: It's always okay to call just to chat about Pool & Billiards because we love it!

Note: We will be listing more collectible cues for sale. Check back often and feel free to call or write with questions.
Some of the cues can be seen: Here.

Cue Collection for Sale
From a Private Collection

Make some extra cash doing what you already do for free - Shooting Pool!

The Billiards League of America is expanding to other cities & states. Be the first in your area to start a new division and get paid for it!

PLAYERS get paid for the balls they make; even if you don't win the rack! Every player gets paid at the end of every session! Fair Handicap system makes it possible for any team to win! Every team goes to the playoffs every session. Free money tournament for the division at the end of every year. Special League Prices for members when they need Pool & Billiard items: Cues, Cases, Accessories and more!

DIVISION REPS: If you are qualified and accepted, you can start your own division and get paid every session! Our office maintains the paperwork for you! Reps get paid for their division and on all Pool & Billiard orders placed thru them by their division members (or their friends)! No franchise fees!

Click on the eagle above for more information.

Member & Reps Benefits / Information

We almost always post retail prices. Contact me direct for details. Let's work out a plan within your budget. We can surely take care of getting you that new Shooting Cue, Break Cue, Case, or whatever you may need.

RCC also has a "no fees" lay-a-way program for you.
Details here

New & Used Cues for Sale

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We are the National Distributor for Fantom Cues

On any of the new cues on this web site, contact us to get a price. Our prices are too low to advertise. If you don't call, you won't know. We can get almost any model cue from the companies shown above, and sometime others. Call or write for details.

Trade-ins may be an option

Send us a note or call to check availability

McDermott Lil Guy Pewter Figurines

This is a really cool project!

All 26 cues from the McDermott D-Series refinished
with Grey Stain and Lizard Leather Wrap.

Professional posters of this collection available.

All cues in our possession that are listed for sale on this web site are guaranteed to be in the condition stated.  If you get a cue that is not as identified, your money can be refunded.  Please ask questions and give us the opportunity to explain anything necessary about our items for sale.

Some of the cues listed on the Used Cues page may not be in our possession, but have been listed for the owners. We have no control over details or validity of listing info if we do not have that cue in hand.  If a seller sends their cue for us to sell, then we take responsibility for the accuracy. Check with us for details on any cue you are considering.

Pool Lessons in Jacksonville at Q-Ball Billiards (Beach Blvd)
$35 per hour. Special prices available for group lessons.
Videotape of your lessons may be an option.

Contact Rabbit for details

Q-Ball Billiards is a non-smoking environment.
Designated smoking area available.

RCC uses MASTER CHALK. It's worth the try!

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