Custom Computers
Hardware & Software
Accessories, Design Services, and Instruction.

RCC is a Full Service Computer Company. What makes us different is we remember when we were on the other side of the counter.

Our goal is to make you feel special.

Two things to know about RCC:
   1. If the word computer is in your question, call us first.
   2. We will answer the questions you didn't know to ask.

Here are some of the things we do for your home or office:
  • New Computers
    • Towers & Laptops
    • Towers (and some laptops) custom to your wants or needs
    • Free delivery on new towers in the Jax area

  • Used Computers
    • Based on current availability or what we can find for you

  • Web sites
    • Complete sites or single pages
    • Created, built & maintained
    • New web sites include one year of free maintenance

  • Parts

  • Repairs

  • Upgrades

  • On-site service
    • We come to you
    • We pick-up & deliver - you don't have to haul the equipment
      • If we are in your area, no charge for pick-up or delivery
      • Always free pick-up & delivery in I-95 / 210 area!
  • Networks
    • File sharing
    • Wi-Fi Router Installation & Setup
      • High speed internet on multiple computers

  • Classes & Instruction
    • Websites
      • Creating & building your own web site
      • Putting your site on the world wide web
    • Hardware
      • Build your own computer
      • Change or add parts to your computer
    • Software
      • Classes on Word, Excel, Design and more.

A good thing for you to remember about RCC:

If the word "computer" is in your question, call us first!

We are small in size and BIG in taking care of your computer needs.

If we have a "Mission" it is to maintain Customer Service like it should be. You are a "Person" and not an invoice number. My personal opinion is this: I don't have a lot of "customers" by title.  Instead, I have friends and new friends that I am able to help with their computer questions & needs. 

It is not a bother for us when someone calls to ask a question; No matter how simple or serious it may be (We already know that kids will never wait until the last minute to work on a homework assignment that must be turned in tomorrow).  I want to be available to help you when you need help!

We have years of experience working with computers.  If we do not know the answer to your question, we will find out.  We don't claim to know all the answers; but promise to help find them.

* * *