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To Our eBay Visitors:
Welcome to
RCC of Jacksonville, FL

What you need to know...

The prices on our items here on the site are
considerably lower than our same items listed on eBay.

Because of the fees eBay charges sellers, the selling prices there must be higher to cover those fees. You, as a buyer, are welcome to buy directly from us here at lower prices.

We are Factory Authorized for most of the name brand production cue companies and some Custom Cue Makers. We include Factory Warranty with our new cues (unless stated otherwise). Shop & Buy with Confidence. We've been in the Pool & Billiard Industry since the mid 80s and working hard to maintain our Excellent Reputation!

For those of you that prefer using eBay as a means for making your purchase, just let us know what item you want posted and I will be glad to post any of our items for sale on eBay for you. And, at your request, your auction can be a private auction for you only.

You DO have the option to use PayPal here and continue to be safe & protected in your transaction.

RCC has been in business a long time and plan to stay that way. We treat everyone with the idea that good service will bring you back and maybe you will bring your friends too!

The best way I know how to make the point it like this: I don't want to sell you a pool cue; I want to sell you and your friends a hundred pool cues! If I treat you right, then I may have a chance of doing that.

Thanks in advance and WELCOME TO RCC!

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Additional cues listed for sale on a regular basis.

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RCC is a fun and educational site for all to enjoy!
Now color coded to make it easy to navigate.

RCC of Jacksonville, Florida
(904) 781-4289

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